We are a real Sunday school class in Hixson, Tennessee (just outside of Chattanooga). We meet basically every week and we would love to have you come and participate in our Sunday school. Click here for those details.

We are a Sunday school class in a Southern Baptist Church (Stuart Heights Baptist Church). The best summary of our statement of faith is the Baptist Faith & Message.

The very best way to get a feel for what Our Sunday School is all about, is to listen to the lesson below. Jim reviews the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Our Sunday School. The teacher notes (), student handout (), and PowerPoint () might help you as you listen.

About Jim

Jim Fleming leads the class (and runs this site). He’s been teaching the Bible since he was 16 and he loves it. He’s been leading this class since March 2008.

Jim married his college sweetheart, Julie, and they have two kids. Jim is a member, Sunday school teacher, and deacon at Stuart Heights Baptist Church. You can drop him a line or ask him a question here.